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Majestic Quantum Field Marimba

Majestic Quantum series field marimba feature a newly formulated synthetic bar material for the best possible performance in all environments. These bars have unprecedented warmth of tone for a synthetic material and a wood like appearance. Precision tuning methods ensure the highest level of tonal consistency for this series of quantum field marimba.


Octave : 5
Range : C2 - C7
Bar : Synthetic
Bar Size : 38 ~ 76 mm
Pitch : A = 442 Hz
Length: 284 cm
(low end) :
101 cm
(high end) : 77 cm
Height : 90 ~ 110 cm
Weight: 161 kg


Octave : 4 1/3
Range : A2 - C7
Bar : Synthetic
Bar Sizes : 38 ~ 63 mm
Pitch : A = 442 Hz
Length: 237 cm
(low end) :
97 cm
(high end) : 77 cm
Height : 90 ~ 110 cm
Weight: 116 kg


Model No. Octave Range Notes Bar Bar Sizes
M1550P 5 C2 - C7 61 Synthetic 38 ~ 76 mm
M1543P 4 1/3 A2 - C7 52 Synthetic 38 ~ 63 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Quantum Field Accessories

The new Majestic Quantum field frame is the ultimate in rugged performance and offers modular and flexible mounting options. With many available mounting points and optional horizontal and vertical rack bars included, the Quantum frame puts auxiliary keyboards, drums, percussion items, microphones, and powered speakers right where you need them. The pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment allows for easy and reliable ergonomic positioning of the keyboard. A two position speaker post and an additional center microphone mounting bar allow for easy interface with amplification equipment.

AQ01 Cymbal Boom Arm
AQ02 Snare Basket Arm
AQ03 Microphone Boom Arm
AQ06 Open Front Trap Tray with Mount Arm
AQ07 Marching Bell Arms
AQ08 Crossbar Accessory Mounting Clamp
AQ09 Memory Lock
AQ11 T-Clamp
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