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Contender Marching Drums

Designed as a lightweight and affordable option for light duty marching applications...

The Contender marching drums series features select All Polar shells and includes Remo drumheads. This results in a sound that is pleasantly warm, with plenty of volume and projection. All Contender Series hardware has a simple, time tested design for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. The aluminum alloy lugs are light and strong for stable tuning and dependability of performance.

The Contender marching snare drum is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications and sound preferences. Whether used for the very youngest players, casual adult ensembles or anything in between there is a Contender marching snare drum that will be a perfect fit. They utilize standard crimped wire snares and a simple traditional throw off for reliable performance and easy snare replacement.

Contender marching bass drums are available in six diameters and a choice of two shell depths to fit the needs of ensembles with varying tonal and weight requirements. This unprecedented range of options at this level opens the door for early introduction and affordable access to a set of tonal marching bass drums. These marching bass drums feature precision created basswood hoops with a matching inlay for lightweight strength and a bold finished appearance.

Contender marching multi-toms sets are available in both trio and quad configurations in a medium-shallow shell depth that strikes a balance between weight and tone. Both trio and quad sets include mounting bar with universal j-hook receivers for use with a carrier. The cutaway shell design produces maximum forward projection of tone and the 1.5 mm hoops and aluminum alloy lugs provide tuning stability and strength.

Snare Drums


Bass Drums

Model No. Size Lugs Weight
CSS1210 12"x10" 12 3.3 kg
CSS1306 13"x6" 12 2.8 kg
CSS1310 13"x10" 12 3.6 kg
CSS1406 14"x6" 16 3.4 kg
CSS1410 14"x10" 16 4.2 kg
CSS1412 14"x12" 16 4.4 kg
CSC1310 13"x10" 10 3.6 kg
CSC1412 14"x12" 16 4.3 kg
CSS = strap style
CSC = carrier style


Model No. Size Lugs Weight
CT023 10"x8" 6 7.0 kg
12"x10" 6
13"x11" 6
CT8023 8"x8" 4 9.9 kg
10"x8" 6
12"x10" 6
13"x11" 6
Model No. Size Lugs Weight
CBS1610 16"x10" 12 4.2 kg
CBS1810 18"x10" 12 4.8 kg
CBS2010 20"x10" 12 5.2 kg
CBS2210 22"x10" 12 5.6 kg
CBS2410 24"x10" 16 6.4 kg
CBS2610 26"x10" 16 8.0 kg
CBS2014 20"x14" 12 6.2 kg
CBS2214 22"x14" 12 6.5 kg
CBS2414 24"x14" 16 7.4 kg
CBS2614 26"x14" 16 8.1 kg
CBC2014 20"x14" 12 6.8 kg
CBC2214 22"x14" 16 7.3 kg
CBC2414 24"x14" 16 7.9 kg
CBC2614 26"x14" 20 8.1 kg
CBS = strap style
CBC = carrier style

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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