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XTD Marching Bass Drums

Majestic Marching Bass Drums

The XTD marching bass drums represent a significant advancement in the evolution of the marching instrument. A lightweight contemporary tube lug ensures the best possible alignment of tension rods and keeps tuning stress off the shell.

Extra wide claw hooks help to distribute tension more evenly around the hoop. Minimal hardware-to-shell contact allows the marching bass drum to resonate to its fullest potential. Progressive air holes venting creates a more consistent sound and feel throughout the bass ensemble.

XTD marching bass drums utilize chambered aluminum hoops that are precision crafted at a bicycle factory, longtime experts in lightweight strength. This eliminates the need for additional rim protection and provides superior overall strength while maintaining classic styling and sufficient tuning flexibility.

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Model No. Size Lugs Shell Hoop Air Holes Weight
XBC1414-xx-SC 14"x14" 8 All Maple Aluminum Alloy 1 6.5 kg
XBC1614-xx-SC 16"X14" 8 2 7.0 kg
XBC1814-xx-SC 18"x14" 8 3 7.8 kg
XBC2014-xx-SC 20"x14" 10 4 9.0 kg
XBC2214-xx-SC 22"x14" 10 5 9.5 kg
XBC2414-xx-SC 24"x14" 10 6 10.3 kg
XBC2614-xx-SC 26"x14" 10 8 10.7 kg
XBC2814-xx-SC 28"x14" 10 10 11.4 kg
XBC2615-xx-SC 26"x15" 10 8 11.2 kg
XBC2815-xx-SC 28"x15" 10 10 11.9 kg
XBC3016-xx-SC 30"x16" 10 14 12.6 kg
XBC3216-xx-SC 32"x16" 10 16 12.6 kg

*XTD marching drums are only for carrier style.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

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