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Endeavor Marching Bass Drums

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Majestic Bass Drum

As requested by many military style marching bands Majestic has developed two new sizes marching bass drums in the Endeavor series. New sizes are 28"x12" and 28"x14" and both standard available in white covering with black epoxy or chrome plated hardware.

Endeavor bass drums offer many pro level features at a budget conscious price. Extra wide claw hooks help to distribute tension more evenly around the hoop. Heavy duty tension rods and die-cast aluminum lugs are built to handle the stress of high-tension tunings. Hardware can be chrome plated or black epoxy coated.


Size Lugs Shell Weight
EBS2210 EBS2210B 22"x10" 6 Maple/Birch 6.0 kg
EBS2410 EBS2410B 24"x10" 8 8.3 kg
EBS2610 EBS2610B 26"x10" 10 8.3 kg
EBS2812 EBS2812B 28X12" 10 10.0 kg
EBS2014 EBS2014B 20"x14" 6 7.3 kg
EBS2214 ESS2214B 22"x14" 8 8.6 kg
EBS2414 EBS2414B 24"x14" 8 9.1 kg
EBS2614 EBS2614B 26"x14" 10 10.0 kg
EBS2814 EBS2814B 28"x14" 10 10.6 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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