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Majestic Grand Classic Timpani

Designed to provide the ultimate timpani experience for professional players...

The Majestic Grand Classic timpani series offers a wide selection of options that allow the player to customize their sound and performance. Players can choose the pedal system, finish, and heads to build a set that delivers unmatched performance while fitting their personal style and preferences.

Timpani Set

Each kettle of the Majestic Grand Classic Timpani is seamlessly drawn from a single sheet of high grade copper using our exclusive computer controlled process. The cambered shape provides the long, rich sustain and resonance preferred by professionals.

Players may choose from three precision hammered finishes (coarse, standard or fine) or a polished finish to personalize their sound. Precision hammering is automated for consistency to ensure that sets have an even, matched tone.

The Majestic Grand Classic's Timpani frame design revives the classic styling of the old world timpani makers while incorporating new features that make them suited for modern performances. The wheels that allow these drums to be easily moved are retracted using a single lever action, allowing the frame to use the stage as a soundboard.

Majestic offers three pedal options on the Grand Classic Timpani. Each is designed for silent, precise movement. In addition to the traditional Berlin and Dresden clutch styles, players may request the Berlin ratchet style if preferred.

The large, easily read tuning gauge on the Majestic Grand Classic Timpani provides outstanding accuracy and response. The hand fine tuner is simple and comfortable to use for more precise tuning. Full range of up to 1Ā¼ octaves per drum.

All Majestic Grand Classic Timpani models are available with prestigious Super Kalfo®™ calfskin or Remo® Renaissanceā„¢ heads offering unmatched performance using either natural or synthetic heads. Super Kalfo®™ heads are tucked German style into steel hoops, offering strength and stability in tuning.

Majestic Grand Classic timpani may be ordered in either American or German set-up. Pedals and tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.

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