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Majestic offers the features and performance needed at all levels...

From the professional Grand Classic Timpani series to the easily transportable Concert Timpani series, Majestic timpani offer the features and performance needed at all levels. Each Majestic kettle is seamlessly deep-drawn from a single sheet of the highest grade copper. State-of-the-art computer controlled drawing and precision hammering processes provide consistency in tone quality for each kettle and ensure that drums added to a set in the future will be evenly matched. Tuning gauges are standard equipment on each drum, demonstrating Majestic's commitment to providing the best performance experience to students and professionals alike.

How to Order
Choose the style of timpani you require and then contact SPH either by using our contact form or calling us on the telephone. we will then arrange a bespoke price for you and try our level best to beat all other published prices online.

Grand Concert Timpani
The ultimate experience for professional players...
Symphonic Grand Timpani
Players at many levels require high performance...
Prophonic Timpani
A transportable timpani with professional sound qualities...
Syphonic Timpani
A significant investment to any music program...
Harmonic Timpani
For the band or professional on the move...
Concert Timpani
The first transportable blocked pedal timpani that is really easy to transport...
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