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Majestic 'Black' Concert Snare Drums Series

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Majestic Concert Black snare drums are available with a variety of materials and sound qualities. The Concert Black snare provides a dynamic and articulate sound that is well suited for all concert and symphonic applications.

Majestic Concert Black MCS1450MA


  • Solid die-cast tension hoops

  • Ten tension lugs for optimal head tension

  • Majestic's 25-strand steel wire snares

  • Single-handle smooth operation snare system

  • Smooth piston-action throw off provides quiet operation and reliable performance, and the combination coated and uncoated cable snares yield a premium sound at any dynamic level.

  • Remo Renaissance heads on batter and snare sides

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Cylinder drive strainer

Combo coated / uncoated



Model No. Shell Size Shell Material Finish Batter Head Snare Head Strainer Cable
MCS1440AL 14" x 4" 3mm Aluminum Black Nickel Remo Renaissance Ambassador Remo Clear Diplomat Piston-Action Patterson Mega Combo
MCS1450MA 14" x 5" 5mm Maple Transparent Concert Black Combo coated /
MCS1465MA 14" x 6.5"
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