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We service Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding areas!

Southern Percussion Hire has one of the largest collections of percussion instruments for hire in the UK. All intruments are fully maintained and are available at reasonable prices.

Majestic Harmonic Pedal timpani 23" - 26" - 29" - 32"
Timpani seat (extended)


Tuned Percussion
Deagan 2.5octv Glockenspiel
Viscount 2.5octv Glockenspiel
Majestic Delux 3.0octv Vibraphone
Majestic Delux 3.5octv Xylophone (Honduras rosewood notes)
Majestic Profonic Tubular chimes 1.5 octv C5-F6
Majestic Delux Xylohone 3.5octv F4-C8
Majestic Artist Marimba 4.33octv (Honduras Rosewood notes)
Majestic 2.5octv Glockenspiel
Majestic Artist vibraphone 3 octv F3-F6
Majestic Concert bells 2.5octv G5-C8
Deagan Tubular Bells (Brass)
Musser 1octv Bass Bells
Deagan 3.0octv Naged boxed xylophone
Crotalles Sabien 2.0octv with stands
One set of Hand Bells

Mallet Kat Pro KS 7.5 with internal percussion sounds

Bass Drums
Pearls 30" x 16" maple with tilt stand
Majestic 32" x 22" Concert Bass drum with calf heads on a tilting stand

Cymbals - Orchestra & Suspended
Pairs of Piatti by Sabien in French, Vienese, American & Germanic
Sizes from 16" to 21"
Suspended Cymbals from 12" to 20" sets or singles

Triangles & Tambourines
Grover & Black Swamp tambourines
>Grover,Able & Black Swamp triangles

Effects Tables & Percussion stands

Pearl traps table with add on attachment if needed ( a la rock set up)
Pearl Boom or straight Cymbal stands
Orchestral & drum kit Snare Drum & Tenor drum stands

Snare & Tenor Drums
Pearl 14" x 6.5" Maple snare drum
Pearl piccolo snare drums - various
Pearl orchestra 14" x 5.5" Triple snare action
Pipe drum with internal & external snares
Majestic 5.5 orchestral snare (walnut) with a new four way snare action giving the choice of four different snares sounds or all four together.
Assorted snare drums

Latin Percussion
Conga drums with stands Bongos with stands
Timbales with stand & cowbells
Wind chimes - various
Mark Tree
Small latin instruments

Sound Effects
1940`s Air Raid Siren
USA Police & fire tender sirens (selection)
USA electric telephone bells 1940`s onwards
Surf Machine
Wind Machine
Bull/Lion roar
Thunder sheets
Anvils - various
Pop Guns

Concert Toms 0rchestral
Pearl - set of four concert toms
Majestic Profonic concert toms (Walnut) sizes 10",12",13",14"
One set of Roto Toms with stands, sizes from 6",8",10",12",14",16" & 18"

Drum Kits & cymbal sets

Pearl Masters & ELX
Sizes: Bass drum 18" x 16", Floor Tom 14" x 14"
Small Tom 10" x 8" Medium Tom 12" x 10"

Cymbal sets
Sabien HH 14" HHats, 20" Ride, 16" & 18" Crash 16" China

Back Line Amps & Keyboards / Guitars
Electric piano & Sinths: Korg, Roland & DX7
Amps: Fender, Fender Stage, Ampeg, Behering
Guitar: Fender 5 string Jazz Bass
Yamaha P80 & P85 Stage pianos

Music Stand Lights
A full set of orchestral music stand lights (45) with connection cables.

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